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Emma Coker In Between Fantastic

I believe every human has a unique gift for the world and I believe every human has the intention to use that gift for good.


Not everyone has clarity of that unique gift, however the unlocking of one’s gift comes knocking in a heightened state known as   In Between Fantastic...


Cultivating your heightened state to an enlightened state can be achieved by way of stillness; of pressing pause over play and by contemplation before continuing on your current trajectory. 


The  In Between Fantastic attitude is accessible at any moment - once you know how to activate it.


It is in this mindset - and only in this mindset - where you allow yourself to think clearly enough to re-discover and gain clarity over your purpose.


At some point, we are all 

In Between Fantastic

I'd love to get you BACK ON PURPOSE...

To book your free discovery call 

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When Emma adds her magic touch you can be sure of 3 things - it's going to be fun, it's going to be impactful and it's going to be exciting!

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An absolute gem with a truckload of enablement and people experience that would be hard to beat.

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Exhilarating, inspirational and intense, Emma has a mind that scintillates with brilliance.

Her coaching approach is creatively unique and she is masterly skilful at what she does.

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Is it time for a


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Lack clarity and control in your everyday work?

Want to take back control?

If you're ready to discover what's

In Between

you and your


journey, then let's begin...


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