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Ready to invest in YOU?

Whether you're focusing on performance, leadership, or personal development - or areas in your working life that impact people, performance or revenue generation - I can lean in and support you.

At In Between Fantastic we focus on encouraging you to press pause over play and dig into a clearer mindset to gain alignment with one’s unique purpose.

How do I get started...?

1. Take the free PHAT Check online here - this will help you to think about what your own unique In Between Fantastic situation looks like for you

2. Look at the different options/investments below and see what feels right for you. We can discuss this more when you move to the next step and...

3. Book in your free 30 minute Discovery Call with me so we can start you off on your most effective and aligned path to success

Emma Coker In Between Fantastic Retreat

In Between #1

  • 2 x 30 minute Discovery Check-In’s

  • 2 x Virtual sessions to complete your PHAT Check / Find discovery document

  • Discovery Call to unpack your In Between Fantastic results together & cement a viable path


In Between #2

  • 90 minute PHAT Discovery Check-Up

  • 1 virtual Deep Dive Discovery session

  • Time to unlock that unique gift & map out a new path/process

  • Access to upcoming Podcast Sessions and recorded PHAT Tips monthly recordings


In Between #3

  • 180 minute Mastery PHAT Coaching Sessions (broken into 2 x 90 minute virtual coaching sessions)

  • Unlimited access between sessions

  • Online access to PHAT Tips monthly recordings and early access to upcoming Mastermind sessions and Podcasts

  • Introduction to your unique Human Design


Fantastic Coaching #1

  • 6 x 60 minute virtual sessions

  • Implementing the 6C’s, we will discover your unique gift for the world and re-design your personal goals for your new path.


Fantastic Coaching #2

  • 12 x 30 minute Bi Weekly virtual sessions

  • These PHAT Check-Up's are designed to unpack your In Between moments and give you a refreshing and supportive boost to stay in alignment with your new path


Fantastic Coaching #3

  • 6 x 90 minute Monthly virtual sessions

  • Dedicated monthly developmental sessions to support your transformation with the 6C’s to alight at Epiphany Central - Your Ideal Platform

To book your free discovery call 

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