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A Barking Leader walks into the room...

There's an undeniable charm in the subtlety of quiet leadership and the art of humility, especially in the realm of sales where the journey can sometimes feel like a guided herd toward company goals. As the season of Sales Kick Off (SKO) events unfolds, complete with themed celebrations, in-person gatherings, and accolade ceremonies, the contrast between those who bask in the spotlight and those who quietly excel becomes pronounced.

While the SKO stage often hosts vibrant personalities, I find a special admiration for those who operate under the radar, delivering outstanding results without the need for grand proclamations. They quietly achieve, gracefully slipping away before the evening festivities reach their zenith. These individuals attend SKO not for personal glorification but as a strategic checkpoint to discern the upcoming fiscal year's needs for another successful triumph.

On the flip side, I also appreciate the dazzling leaders who shine like diamonds, taking centre stage, celebrating achievements, and setting the stage for even more remarkable victories. The individuals who orchestrate these SKO events also deserve recognition for bringing the show to a close with flair.

The essence of a Barking Leader is not in their volume but in their demonstration of qualities akin to a mighty oak or a far-reaching banyan tree—qualities that echo the wisdom of a seasoned forest. I seek leaders with depth, knowing, and agility; leaders whose roots extend beyond their immediate patch into the field of dreams, cultivating branches that willingly support others. I appreciate leaders who grasp the potential in the unsaid, valuing what lies beneath the surface.

The Barking Leader, often mistaken for a brash character, is, in fact, a rare breed—grounded, nurturing, and not reliant on forecasts for predictions of success. They anchor the team, guiding upcoming talent through their first perfect storm. The Barking Leader, my personal favourite, may not be the hugging type, but they create a nurturing environment akin to a natural walk through holistic hedgerows. In the world of sales, where the clamour of success can be deafening, the Barking Leader's silent influence is a beacon of wisdom and resilience.

The demand for Barking Leaders is poised to surge over the next two years, and their intuitive skills will be among the key attributes highly sought after by boards and C-suite executives. For those who lead quietly, basking in the shade, I extend my heartfelt salute. You are a rare and extraordinary breed, embodying qualities that are often undervalued. It's crucial for those who may not naturally identify as "quiet leaders" to recognise and appreciate their significance. These leaders, akin to endangered species, could face a precarious future if we fail to master the art of acknowledging and fostering their unique contributions. In a world often enamoured by the loud and visible, the wisdom and depth of Barking Leaders are invaluable treasures that deserve celebration and protection.

Warning "Not all Barking Leaders Like to be Hugged"



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