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Here is your In Between PHAT tip of the day

Are you IN or are you OUT ?

Being IN these days has so many connotations but is much less exciting than being OUT.

But being In Between is my favourite place to BE most of all.

I have been asked many times over the last 6 months as to what is the exact definition of "In Between" so I did some research and these are my personal favourites:

In Between (Cambridge dictionary)

I have breakfast at 7.30, lunch at 1.00, and sometimes a snack in between.

Classes are 40 minutes long with a 10 minute break in between.

We have more than twenty shows in March and hardly any downtime in between them all.

We either work for one week with a week in between or two weeks with two weeks in between.

I was born in England, moved to Germany in 2014, and worked for a few months in Kenya in between.



in-between stage He knows quite a lot of French, but he's at an in-between stage and not fluent yet. Synonym middle


Time Traveler reports:

The first known use of in-between was in 1523

How Fascinating .....

What is my real definition? well it goes something like this .In Between Fantastic is a place we all visit but its not a place we choose to stay for long for fear of the In between phase remaining in place for too long .There will always be a kink in the road, a pothole or a diversion that leads us to a place of discomfort. We don’t always have that planned even though we know it happens and its not been too tricky to navigate around . Until NOW !its when you realise your IN is here kicking and screaming at you that you need to go BETWEEN and navigate OUT to FANTASTIC.

if you're willing to measure your "In Between"here is a handy link to a 30 minute PHAT Check up that I have created just for this exact moment :

or please have a stroll around my site for more information.


Click here for more information:


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