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How to Suck Seed as opposed to Succeed

I have a Caterpillar called Colin on my desk ? WHY ? Great question. I

have always been a lover of Butterflies as they signify the end of a great transformation and ooze all the traits I want to embody. Beauty, elegance, speed, gentleness, joy and grace to name a few and it all looks so effortless and peaceful.

The journey to becoming a butterfly is not all glitz and glamour and on the odd occasion it sucks and sometimes those seeds you planted just remain as seeds. They don't transform, they don't fly and they don't manifest into what you intended.

But that's life.... and that's ok.

What If we focussed on the caterpillar, what if Colin was our focus and we had to commit all our thoughts towards that splendid creature. What if Colin the Caterpillar does in fact embody all those traits but as yet has not had the courage to display them because his external world just sees the Hairy Slug like creature? The dreaded caterpillar who feasts on all the salad leaves and brassica's in your veg patch ?

What if we decided to see Colin in a different light?

What If Colin saw himself as the Butterfly in the first instance and that's the lesson?

What if Colin has no idea that he is green, hairy and without wings ? What If Colin is just happy being Colin!

Sucking and seeding is Colin's main focus and he is exactly where he is meant to be.

That's why I have Colin the Caterpillar on my desk. Colin reminds me daily that I have a role in society that is above and beyond any magnificent outcome and that each day I grow in wisdom and grace . That my current state is as important as my future goals & desires and that I am here to feed myself first in order to re pollenate others for growth.

Colin the Caterpillar also reminds me that I may become a Magnificent Moth as opposed to Beautiful Butterfly but either way I will transform and get my wings. Colin reminds me that its not how the world sees me but how I see the world. And Colin is made for MORE as we all are ....

Who is your caterpillar? Who reminds you on a daily basis that just being you is exactly all you need to be . I would love to hear more.....


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